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Solar Screens Save 20-30% Monthly

AND extend life span of your A/C Unit. 

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It is no secret that  Energy Rates are going up,  in a report done researches concluded that rates are in fact going up by about 20% every year.

What Are Some Ways To Beat Against The Increase?

  •  One way to protect from this is by replacing your windows. Studies show that 33% of electricity escapes through windows. Doing this can cost around $5,000.00 roughly. 
  • ​Another way to offset the increase of Energy rates is to get Solar Panels installed. This gets you a fixed monthly reduced payment, once Solar is paid off there will be no more monthly payment. This total cost can be $50,000.00
  • What we do is install Solar Screens, what this does is eliminate heat from getting in your home. This makes your home 4 degrees cooler roughly which allows your A/C system to stay off longer, meaning lowered electric bill and longer lasting A/C system. 
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How Solar Screens Work

Solar screens are installed into your window frame, the way it works is, blocking out the sun and heat from getting in your home. 

Once this is installed, your home gets a few degrees cooler which allows your A/C Unit more time to rest which equals out a longer rest time. 

Most of our customers see around a 20-30% energy bill reduction when installing these Solar Screens. 

$149 Per Window

Average monthly energy bill is $250, when we take that for the year it equals out $3,000.00 yearly!

30% energy bill reduction using these numbers equals out to a $1,900.00 yearly energy bill.  

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